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Take 15 Podcast

The Take 15 Podcast Presented By CFA Institute is a popular audio interview series defined by illuminating, short conversations with noted economists, best-selling authors, leading researchers, and successful practitioners on topics ranging from geopolitics and cryptocurrencies to irrationality and outlooks.

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Show Host: Lauren Foster

Producer: Mitchell Forst 

Jun 21, 2010

In episode #053, Vahan Janjigian, CFA, discusses why efforts to curb earnings guidance are misguided and how best to provide guidance.

Jun 21, 2010

In episode #052, Scott Stewart, CFA, discusses main elements of portfolio shortfall and transaction costs and the impact of rising tax rates.

Jun 14, 2010

In episode #051, Richard Bookstaber discusses risk management issues such as liquidity risk, fat tails, and challenges with correlation.

Jun 11, 2010

In episode #046, Tarun Ramadorai discusses the difference between current credit crisis and Asian financial crisis as regarding emerging economies.

Jun 7, 2010

In episode #050, Dan Ariely discusses Behavioral Economics vs. Rational Economics and the future directions of economic research.