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Take 15 Podcast

The Take 15 Podcast Presented By CFA Institute is a popular audio interview series defined by illuminating, short conversations with noted economists, best-selling authors, leading researchers, and successful practitioners on topics ranging from geopolitics and cryptocurrencies to irrationality and outlooks.

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Show Host: Lauren Foster

Producer: Mitchell Forst 

Jan 26, 2011

In episode #085, Christopher Malloy contrasts the efficient market hypothesis and behavioral finance and discusses how investors can think about an inefficient market.

Jan 19, 2011

In episode #083, Daniel Broby, FSIP, discusses some of the best practices in the fund management industry today, the importance of fiduciary responsibility, and the role of codes of conduct.

Jan 12, 2011

In episode #082, Lars Christensen discusses central and eastern European markets and compares them with other emerging markets.

Jan 5, 2011

In episode #134, Stephen G. Cecchetti discusses commercial bank leverage, calculating risk weightings, and the long-term effects of excessive sovereign debt.