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Guiding Assets

Formerly Take 15, Guiding Assets is the flagship podcast of CFA Institute and the definitive program for the investment management industry. As stewards of the investment industry, Guiding Assets will feature intimate conversations with some of the most influential people from the world of finance about the topics that matter most to investment professionals. The show will also share crucial insights and best practices to help guide investors to make smart, ethical decisions. Guiding Assets will continue to help build a better world for investors.

Host: Mike Wallberg, CFA

Producer: Mitchell Forst 

Dec 5, 2018

In Episode #353, Professor Raphael Douady and Ron Rimkus, CFA, discuss the evolution of risk management practices and where we are today. Douady believes even with the “quantitative-ization” of risk management and increased sophistication in data analysis, investors need to strive to uncover the invisible or hidden risks of their investment portfolios. Risk management strategies that only focus on the visible risks could exacerbate the invisible risks inadvertently. Douady also explains that the evaluation of risk is not just about fat tails, it is also about where the risks are coming from. Douady’s “Dominant Factor Analysis” is one method that helps investors determine dominant factors and the possible sources of risks in the portfolio as a window to portfolio sensitivities under different market conditions. Finally, Douady warns that investors cannot seriously avoid economic cycles and notes it is better for investors to be prepared for a “Minsky Moment” rather than trying to predict it.